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Running payrolls has become more onerous in recent years as successive governments put more responsibility on to employers to deal with changes in legislation as it affects employees whether directly regarding the payment of income tax and national insurance or indirectly regarding the calculation of statutory sick pay, statutory maternity pay or the administration of student loan repayments.

In addition, the tremendous increase in the mobility of labour within the European Community and elsewhere has put additional responsibilities for the vetting of new employees in connection with immigration laws firmly in the lap of all employers. This can land the unsuspecting employer with potentially hefty fines if they get it wrong.

The government needs to collect the right amount of tax to support its ever increasing national budget and to ensure that all employers are paying the correct amount of tax and keeping accurate payroll records H M Revenue & Customs have continued to increase their visits to employers. Getting it wrong can result in a time consuming enquiry with the inevitable imposition of fines and the levying of interest for any unpaid tax.

So what can you do to ensure that you have a payroll system that supports your staff and meets your employer responsibilities?

WE CAN ACT AS YOUR PAYROLL DEPARTMENT so you do not have the pressure and worry of:

  • Calculating individual payslips

  • Calculating statutory sick pay, statutory maternity pay and deducting student loan repayments

  • Keeping full payroll records and dealing with coding notice changes advised by H M Revenue & Customs

  • Calculating the monthly income tax and national insurance liabilities due to H M Revenue & Customs

  • Submitting year end returns to H M Revenue & Customs for every one of your employees

  • Calculating and submitting forms PIID (returns of expenses & benefits) for relevant employees

We cover all the above and can process payrolls on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.

We provide payslips with the option of online access.

We can arrange to pay your staff automatically via the BACS banking system.

We can liaise with H M Revenue & Customs in communicating information in relation to your business during the initial phase of a routine Paye visit.

Obtain an instant quote now to discover how little it costs to relieve that anxiety and have a very important function of your business effectively dealt with.