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Services for international clients

Accountingservicesonline.net provide a specialist service for international clients wishing to take advantage of the UK's premier position as the world's leading financial centre. We provide a highly personalised and specialist service, supported by the latest electronic filing technology. We advise you on the most appropriate legal entity or jurisdiction to suit your circumstances, so that you do not need to spend time researching numerous options.

Summary of the benefits of UK companies

There are many factors which make the UK company perhaps the most popular international corporate vehicle in the world. It is a low-cost entity when compared to companies registered in the other industrial nations. There is no minimum paid-up share capital requirement, and no capital duty in the UK. Directors and shareholders of a UK company may be corporate or natural persons, and may reside anywhere in the world.

UK companies can issue bearer shares thus potentially avoiding UK Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax (CGT) liabilities on behalf of non-UK-domiciled clients. There are substantial exemptions from audit requirements, a flexible company law and the UK has the widest network of double tax treaties in the world.

Apart from its international respectability, the UK company offers many tax efficiencies. There is a CGT exemption for holding companies, credit relief for foreign taxes underlying overseas subsidiary company dividends, and an absence of withholding taxation on dividends paid by UK companies to non-residents of the UK. The UK's corporate tax rates are amongst the lowest amongst the industrial nations.

Furthermore, UK companies that are "small" or "medium-sized" are exempt from the UK's transfer pricing legislation in their dealings with "qualifying" offshore territories.

The UK company can therefore be put to a wide variety of activities on behalf of UK and non-UK-shareholders and we are happy to advise you on the particular circumstances of your case.