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30 August 2011

Tax-Dodging Plumbers arrested


Private tutors, tradespeople and internet businesses have been warned to get their financial affairs in order after HM Revenue & Customs arrested five plumbers for failing to pay the right amount of tax.

 HMRC said it was investigating a further 600 plumbers following its Plumbers Tax Safe Plan (PTSP) campaign, in which people in the industry were given until May 31st to get their tax affairs in order or face the consequences. Some of those involved owe up to £150,000.

 The PTSP is part of HMRC’s programme of tackling particular trades and professions. According to HMRC’s timetable, private tutors will be targeted next, starting in the autumn, followed, in early 2012, by those using the internet to buy and sell goods and another campaign targeting other tradespeople.

 Accountants advise those with unpaid tax to disclose it rather than wait for HMRC to find out.

Source: FT 27.8.11


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