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Accounting Online

Whatever the size of your company or enterprise you can take advantage of all the benefits of online accounting whilst at the same time tailoring your specific requirements by selecting the online services that best suit your own individual needs.

The essence of our online accounting service is that the daily front line accounting routines are separated out from the higher skilled elements of the full accounting process. The former are carried out by you the client and the later by ourselves as qualified accountants.

The front line routines are greatest in volume terms but have a lower skill level. As the client does not require a highly skilled person(s) to implement the front line processing, using our training approach a disciplined person with a reasonable level of intelligence can soon be taught all the front line processing routines that are needed to be carried out.

In summary this aspect of our service enables:

  • Users with very little accounting knowledge to process all front line accounting transactions via the internet

  • Real time management of bank, cash and credit card transactions

  • Real time management of Receivable and payable ledgers

  • We process the intricate accounting entries that are required to produce your business accounts both on a monthly and on an annual basis

  • We calculate your taxes and deal with HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf

  • We file your accounts and tax returns online

  • All this for a fixed fee

The standard packages* include:

  • Full processing of accounting information on a monthly basis

  • Monthly accounts and operating reports

  • Year end Financial Statements

  • Annual tax computations and tax returns

  • Filing of statutory returns

  • Full support from your online accountant

* See service contract for specific details of service provision

Training is given on an unlimited basis for a fixed fee in year one. Set up costs apply to the accounting and payroll services.

Unlimited Support in connection with this service is provided by the client manager assigned to you. You can request support either by direct mobile or email but our preferred method of contact is by mobile as that enables queries to be dealt with promptly.