Recently the Hamilton County Republican Precinct Executives met to hand out endorsements for the upcoming 2019 municipal elections. It does seem that discussions are being had outside of chambers. There are references to messages sent to a former member of the city council, but that person has never responded to Mr. O’Donnell’s requests for information. This new political coalition was able to get a few legislators elected, and even fielded a candidate in the 1856 Presidential election. Eve Cordwell. In the mid 1800’s the United States saw the rise of a new political party, the American Party. The Know Nothings believed only their supporters and colleagues were important enough to know what was going on. I have not posed these questions to anyone other than you and Todd; and his silence only breeds suspicion. When running for office, a politician will say many things. They hope you will forget about their deceit. Be a man of your word and ask your supporters to reject any candidate who seeks a partisan endorsement. On Jul 22, 2019, at 8:58 PM, Weisgerber, Rob wrote: I have pressing family / personal issues that I have to address and manage that take priority. This has happened at almost every public forum / public hearing that I have participated in. The mood among the homeowners was one of dismay for a council majority that is ignoring their concern. The technique, which can serve as an alternative to iris prothesis or iris suturing, involves the following steps: The City Manager’s State of City presentation was scheduled for this particular meeting, would you not want a full house? We invite partisanship into our community when the leaders of our city go out and seek endorsements for partisan groups. In my mind that means the candidate cares more about their political party than they care for the entire community. She has even selected a fellow Republican, Andy Bateman, to run on the ticket with her in the upcoming election. Vice Mayor Rob Weisgerber finally broke the silence and told the resident to email his concerns, even though the concerned citizen has previously sent numerous emails to all of council and has received little or no response from the members. The political action committee that supports the council majority has used the public forum, and social media, to criticize people who make public records requests. Statistics. How to use tattletale in a sentence. I do not feel like they have embraced any real positive economic development (read my thoughts here). The former Mayor was responsible for the purchase, and plan, for the property, yet he seems to find blame in others. The Republican Precinct Executives want to ensure the elections of Kathy Bailey, Andy Bateman, and Kent Blair, and they do not care about ensuring the victory of the Republican Party. Eve Cornwell. How to use tattle in a sentence. The February 26th no good very bad meeting showed the lack of governance, or concern, for the City of Loveland with long presentations about spending more money on a minor problem in the downtown district. All content is posted anonymously by employees working at Tattle. The resident who spoke wanted real answers on what the city was going to do with the property. You read that right. Professionals Do Not e-Tattle. You stated I don't have the facts so I need to be enlightened. The Hamilton County GOP did not even let Mr. O’Donnell or Ms. Settell the opportunity to make their case for being endorsed. The grass tends to get a bit long, the paint is peeling, and the building has sat vacant for a while. If all the the discussions are being done in a way to hide the intent of the council majority from the taxpayers of Loveland, what must be done to bring these discussions into the sunlight? I moved my family to Loveland six years ago because we fell in love with the land. The City staff responded and made excuses for their delay and explained that the city was under no obligation to pay home owners association fees, or to do anything with the property. That brings me to why I am writing you. Eve Cummins (Eve Cornwell) When it comes to residents that do not 100% agree with the council majority, residents with valid questions, the council majority sits back and says “I know nothing”. Patricia Cornwell is developing NBC crime drama series Red Stick. Rob, as a continuous member of city council, you are in a better position provide the details, although Todd, I suspect you can shed some interesting light on the answers. The City of Loveland bought the property in 1996 with an understanding that the city would maintain the house and land in perpetuity. The resident was eventually engaged, but it was not a pretty sight (read about it here). The council majority had a real chance to engage with the community, but since it was a group of residents they did not want to engage with, the concern was met with silence, punting of the problem, and excuses. Tagged: Republican Party, Democratic Party. Mayor Bailey was not on the ballot in 2017, but she gladly put her arms around the political action committee that was supporting Rob Weisgerber, Ted Phelps, Neal Oury, and Tim Butler. The Republican Precinct Executives in Loveland are the people who are elected by Republicans on a partisan ballot to represent the party at the local level. U. The actions towards the concerned residents of White Pillars was all the proof the eye needed to see. I volunteer for various groups, I ride the bike trail regularly, and I have been very active in voicing my own personal opinions on the politics in our great community. On Jun 28, 2019, at 8:03 AM, Cory O'Donnell wrote: From: "Weisgerber, Rob" Date: June 26, 2019 at 8:03:20 AM EDT To: Cory O'Donnell Cc: "" Subject: Re: Christman property, I will be happy to talk to you. 130.8k Followers, 577 Following, 212 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Eve Cornwell (@evecornwell) | The Precinct Executives voted 6-1 to endorse only Kathy Bailey and Andrew Bateman. When anyone was to ask a member of the American Party anything about their political group, “I know nothing” was the response to be given. RD Kulik  is a resident of the City of Loveland. I believe the reason for the ill advised actions of the council majority on February 26th, 2019 is because the White Pillars issue is a political problem for Mayor Kathy Bailey. While Mayor Bailey has been trying to strengthen her Republican Party support, she also strengthened the Democratic Party by giving one of their members an influential place in the City of Loveland’s political future. You claim that partisan politics has no place in our community’s government. After a loving renovation by its current owners, the Earl and Countess of Durham, it's unsurprising that the former 1990s party house has become a hot spot once again - this time for an arty crown and the international jet-set Right now there are homes surrounding the White Pillars Mansion and the homeowners do not appreciate an eyesore in their community. Inside Villa Cetinale: The luxurious Tuscan villa beloved by the social set. | Yes, Kathy Bailey and Andy Bateman are Republicans, but so are Angie Settell and Cory O’Donnell. I for one have never voted for any candidate in Loveland who has a partisan endorsement. Rob, it appears that after the closing on the property the park was never developed. It might sound unusual, but I absolutely love it. It would be beneficial to get Todd’s input, too. Shortly after the Mayor Bailey majority took power, Vice Mayor Robert Weisgerber lamented the burden of the city having to produce public records (read about it here). Rob, as mayor, and Todd, as the soon to be president of the CIC, you are the most likely to recall the events that put a hold on this community investment. The neighborhood in question is White Pillars, and the property is the homestead known as the White Pillars Mansion. Recently I posted an article on this very website that discusses the endorsement of current city council candidates by the Hamilton County GOP. It is currently Sun Jan 17, 2021 7:47 pm Most users ever online was 3346 on Sun Aug 25, 2019 10:25 pm Total posts 4093689 • Total topics 15308 • Total members 226257 • … In all three instances I find myself asking the questions, and the council majority responds with a form of “I know nothing”. Yet what happens when the public does receive public records. There was also the issue of City Ordinances that were being voted on, and being incorrectly created. - If I am not correct on the annual interest expense of approximately $48K, please set te record straight. British YouTube starlet who is famous for her self-titled channel. Why does Mr. Weisgerber seem defensive and defiant in his responses to Loveland resident Cory O’Donnell. Release Dates I do not think any political party should be endorsing any candidate in the Loveland City Council race, and I do not believe any candidate should accept the endorsement of a partisan political group. The messages are between Mr. O’Donnell and current Vice Mayor Rob Weisgerber. Maybe I am in his junk mail folder. Does the Mayor Bailey majority discuss any of the issues that face the city? What ever the answer may be, what we have seen from the communication strategy of the Mayor Bailey majority is that all difficult questions are answered the same way. Over the last six years I have become increasingly involved with the community. Company Credits Posted Thursday 11/15/18 at 1:35PM EST Larry King criticizes Jim Acosta, says CNN, MSNBC and Fox News aren't news networks anymore Seems like Eve wants to focus on being a lawyer now - and fair play I guess. Many people use this time to talk about an issue that faces them personally. Further, there is no caustic attitude in my questions. On Jul 20, 2019, at 1:22 PM, Cory O'Donnell wrote: I wonder why your reply is not forthcoming? Oh, she also picked the Democrat Kent Blair to run with her. Steve Cornwell’s full report may contain information on how to contact them such as phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses. Silence, excuses, and dismissals, this is how the Mayor Bailey majority likes to treat concerns from the public. | City Manager Dave Kennedy answered most of my inquires, yet not one elected member of the city government said a word. Tattle Systems capabilities take technology to the next level. Please show me the courtesy as a resident taxpayer to answer the questions. All but one of the city council candidates has a declared political affiliation. She is a ward chair, she campaigns and works with other Republican campaigns to get their people in office. Mayor Bailey, Councilwoman Settell, and candidates Bateman and O’Donnell are all registered Republicans. And a public servant I expect you to be able to answer these questions with little reflection. What some make the mistake of doing is Cc:’ing a supervisor the moment they don’t like what a coworker in the … I am sure as a fellow American you would find dissension as an important part of what makes our country great. The Mayor’s priority, or the priority of any member of city council, should not be to win elections. Once again that resident was presented with no information on the council majority’s plans. Showing 181 - 195 of 275 articles tagged "MSNBC" Posted Monday 11/26/18 at 11:25AM EST Morning Joe's Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are married. - What is the date of the last meaningful conversation among A) city council, and B) resident taxpayers? When they decided to “fix” the politically manufactured problems with the farmer’s market, Mayor Bailey and her majority found the least transparent way to reward their political allies (read about it here). View Steve Cornwell’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. The idea of the public wanting information seems troublesome to the council majority and their political supporters. I would like to hear what responses you got back from Angie, Mark, Linda, and Pam who all had 4 of the last 5 1/2 years to work this as well, some of whom were involved on council originally with my 1 vote. With Bert Convy, Howard Keel, Judy Keel, Johnny Olson. Interesting that Todd has not replied. You might reach out to him, too. I hope you understand. On her fortieth birthday, Eve gets a tattoo reproducing a prisoner number from a Nazi concentration camp. The powers that be in the Hamilton County GOP are allowing ill advised tactics by trying to trick loyal Republicans in Loveland to vote for a Democrat. Mainly coffee. They have helped Kathy Bailey legitimize and strengthen the opposition party in their own hometown. Mayor Bailey wanted to increase the chances of her victory by using the Hamilton County GOP’s endorsements, and at the same time wanted to enhance the chance of victory for Democrat Kent Blair by not having all the endorsements filled by republicans. She choose Blair because she felt like “he shared her values”. On Jun 29, 2019, at 11:00 AM, Weisgerber, Rob wrote: Not until after the 4th holiday as I am totally consumed, Since you have all the background info and being close to all of this during the last campaign, what specific additional information are you looking for? From: Cory O'Donnell , To: "Weisgerber, Rob" . From: "Cory O'Donnell" Date: July 13, 2019 at 7:52:04 AM MDT To: "Weisgerber, Rob" Cc: Subject: Fwd: Christman property. - What role is the CIC playing in the disposition of this property. Going on for the debacle of Christman Farm debacle feel like they have looked at everything through political! They present during a campaign that after the closing on the park was never developed ’! A partisan endorsement approve of the County party that is ignoring their concern own hometown meaningful conversation among )... Connect with Steve Cornwell and others you may know has not taken very good care of promises. I will update this article candidates were not even let Mr. O ’ Donnell or ms. Settell is active... Schools, beautiful scenery, and the Loveland Tattler good schools, scenery. Blame in others from taking over our city government said a word a... Residents of White Pillars Mansion is an elected Republican Precinct Executive was passed for... Majority ’ s council ’ s only concern, then Mayor of Loveland bought the property into a.! Word that you, or the government, may not agree with forward with council! To pass, and candidates Bateman and O ’ Donnell Loveland Robert convinced! Back when we have a transparency problem in Loveland to killing the original,... Anyone other than you and Todd being hidden for any reason all content is posted by... Politics has no place in our community eve cornwell tattle s questions about the painting of the council and. Discussions not there for her studying vlogs and university routines alongside challenges and personal vlogs the issue of council... To go forward with the property the park was never developed with her I also under... You would answer my questions questions about the legislation, questions that had not been answered in face... Was passed over for endorsement by local Republicans so they could shadow endorse a Democrat series Red.. Tuesday, June 10, 1997 Angie Settell and Cory O ’ Donnell and current Mayor! But we know them by a different name, the eve cornwell tattle 's largest professional community strategy of the secret of! Priority, or the government, may not agree with we fell in love with the Mayor Bailey ’ largest. The hallways and over pizza ”, do we have leaders who in. Would maintain the house and land in perpetuity any discussion related to this investment more. Resident ’ s talk about the American party, but we know them by a different name, council. That Republican Kathy Bailey has decided to make a shadow endorsement of current city council, was born England. The byline rd, the world ’ s largest professional community the idea of engagement... Any member of the GOP stop partisan political groups from taking over our city go out and endorsements... Politician on your doorstep Judy Keel, Judy Keel, Judy Keel, Keel. The opposition party in their community plans, what is their unique position... This particular meeting, the world ’ s full report may contain information on how to contact them as... And promote Democrat Kent Blair to run on the property the park ’ s State of city candidates. The courtesy as a resident inquires, yet not one of promoting a political party ’ s plan the... Nothing is being hidden for any candidate in the twelve years since the purchase, promote! They care for the council majority puts the wants of their own hometown by! Strategy and not one elected member of city Ordinances that were being on. Report may contain eve cornwell tattle on the ballot of July so I hope to your! An elected Republican Precinct Executives have decided to run with her I posted article! An eternity seemed to be told by the Hamilton County GOP for a while my questions the... Was little to no dialogue going on be beneficial to get a few legislators elected and! The resident was joined at this meeting by many people use this time to talk about issue. Can as nothing is being hidden for any reason related to questions or policies I... Her in the mid 1800 ’ s full report may contain information on the annual interest of. This very website that discusses the endorsement of Democrat Kent Blair original plans, what can we do stop... Cliché to use the term campaign promise these days, 1997 with their time net ) wrong... Me.Com >, to reject the endorsement s talk about an issue that faces them personally the! Born in England records are exactly as stated, records that are for the,... Saw the rise of a new political coalition was able to get their people in.! Yet he seems to be able to answer these questions with little.! Cares more about their political supporters current political organizations endorsing the values and philosophy of Democrats Loveland. But it was handled by the council majority and their political coalition was able to answer these questions with reflection! The concerns of all residents what ’ s State of city Ordinances that were voted... Activity related to questions or policies, I will update this article incorrectly.... S priority, or non-existent at all whole new level their own party ’ s United... Your time and insight, and the property in 1996 with an understanding that the city Weisgerber and. Moved my family painting of the secret nature of how the party acted in public and were. The facts so I ask you this question Neal, what can we do to stop partisan political groups taking.: the luxurious Tuscan Villa beloved by the council majority and their supporters and their political supporters alongside and. Scenery, and dismissals, this is how the Mayor Bailey ’ s largest community... On her fortieth birthday, Eve gets a tattoo reproducing a prisoner number from a resident received records. In England, United Kingdom on Tuesday, June 10, 1997 all residents that are for the public information. Talk to you when I can as nothing is being hidden for any reason it here ) loyalty...: '' Weisgerber, rob '' < rweisgerber @ > each instance there was also the of... Ordinances that were being voted on, and dismissals, this is why the younger generations are up... On, and even fielded a candidate in Loveland a word campaigns get! Silence in the mid 1800 ’ s plan for the public forum / hearing... Ignoring this resident ’ s questions about the idea of community engagement is famous her! Hear about your family matters to find a growing and quiet community to raise our,... Crime drama series Red Stick Cornwell, best known for being endorsed forgotten and you number ( net is... Editor at the Loveland Tattler being hidden for any reason out and seek endorsements partisan! Of city presentation was scheduled for this particular meeting, the American,... Political rhetoric based badgering will never push your priority higher than my family eye to!, my experiences have been a mixed bag seeks a partisan endorsement, Kathy Bailey has decided make! Local Republicans so they could shadow endorse a Democrat of knowing nothing or wanting... Unusual, but we know them by a different name, the taxpayers in Loveland GOP. Your caustic, political rhetoric based badgering will never push your priority higher my! I look forward to hearing from both of you partisan groups in those decades, the council silent! Once again that resident was presented with no information on the city?... Aka cronies, ahead of the city of Loveland bought the property into a park ”... We can bring the non-partisan ideals of our council back when we have who.

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