An important point relating to the import and export of hazardous waste between countries is that as per the 2016 rules, no country can export to India hazardous waste for final disposal. One of the procedures was not followed due to which there was an issue with the import. Industrial waste generation and the generation of hazardous waste with it have been increasing especially in states such as Gujarat and Maharashtra where industrial development is on the rise. In fact, in May, 2019, the company had informed the state that it did not have a valid environmental clearance for over 20 years. Once proclaimed, the Waste-Free Ontario Act, 2016 will enact two Acts: the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act, 2016 and the Waste Diversion Transition Act, 2016. This article has been written by Sharanya Ghosh of Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA exploring the Hazardous Waste Management Rules (2016). The Amendment of 2019 has merely simplified the stringent rules which may hinder the operations of the industry at large. This article aims to identify their objective and understand the major provisions established under the rules. In fact, in May, 2019, the company had informed the state that it did not have a. for over 20 years. The Hazardous and Other Wastes (Management and Transboundary Movement) Rules, 2016 were established under the provision of the Environment Protection Act. Channeling the communications between the concerned authorities and the facility operators through faster portals such as through e-portals could make life a little easier on the industry. Post the application, permission may be granted only if the importer has environmentally sound facilities and adequate arrangements for the treatment of wastes. Africa news: Ghana's E-waste legal framework In 2016, in Ghana, the government adopted the “Hazardous and Electronic Waste Control and Management Act 2016 (Act 917). All the Micro entities which are governed by the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development A… Hazardous and Electronic Waste Control and Management Act, 2016 (Act 917) It took place at the LG Polymer plant at Gopalapatnam. You can click on this link and join: {Z}Y��1����r�,��e�4Uc�e���L-�omgG=��\=e�e��j�e������Y�ۮ�Z�~.�z��X�������X��%Vo#�2�����,��m��?Fh�Y_f������o�,���e��rV�2��Y�?��x�}k�z�m�e�VW���z�}=EY���ڮ�Z[δz���E����������+?�9�kv���z����\Ϧ�̱y��,�ڎen��H���r���Z\�Y7S���������ū���l���c-mLs�u������z[��K���6�\���1�̖}�.�e����-�lf.s���-Jn?������g�f[�9�n o/�^�� g�G�]\u��u3WoU[��[�^a]���f�����E]���u��[kJ��mx�Ͷzۂ�2��������W�9�in]�����5-�ٶ���"mm�2��vv1_�j;��g_]����}uQ��/}uQ���Wm��e��tp�~V��Ic���m�;t�c�b��E����"`�xhy��]r���"����s`ZÙ30����6���D1Ͷ����r�0{K������`�4sE�T�2W�L�Ns�SR�\�i��i�)�i����`�֗J�Ms\����-p��Tꊙi�2W��j�f� ����c����m.slmgoUm�6�F�^q3kLso0{���5��-�j[Vou�h��ԶRN��[k���� Vo������([����[��[[�5��[[�ϑ_���we���6�SV�\�/�J����@�Vޏ�@��u�����r�ߕ@Z�lmWo���Vim &Vi}k�H������6�+�����o;V�K�Ӝ��5����2��ce�^�g[Y����uv���������A��ѽru���s{�+k���e�.����en�ee��r�we�޶)YY�w/g+k��M��}������e�XYc���5�2�˙f[���V�e���C+6ce�����5��+k��ae��ek�z�M+k��=�����^r�{��[_�c�2�J - These rules shall apply to the management of hazardous and other wastes as specified in the Schedules to these rules but shall not apply to - (a) waste-water and exhaust gases as covered under the provisions of the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act… The import of hazardous wastes sometimes requires an import license from the Directorate General of Foreign Trade. Implementation of waste directives. CV-16-859588. - (1) These rules may be called the E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2016. - (1) These rules may be called the E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2016. %PDF-1.7 %���� Another issue arises in the aspect of the funds required for testing of waste. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires — "access agreement or arrangement" means any agreement or arrangement entered into pursuant to section 128; The Waste-Free Ontario Act, 2016 was passed by the Legislative Assembly of Ontario June 1, 2016 and received Royal Assent on June 9, 2016. Small Quantity Generators, as the name suggests, are those facilities that generate small quantities of waste. This gas leak caused the deaths of 11 people within two days of the leak and At least a thousand people were exposed to the gas. Providing training to workers will also help in ensuring that the required standards are met. Follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more amazing legal content.

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