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As of 6th April 2013 we are seeing the compulsory introduction of PAYE Real Time Information (RTI) which is the new system introduced by HMRC for reporting Pay, Tax, National Insurance and other details about your employees every time a payment is made (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) rather than with their end of year submissions. With the premise it will help HMRC operate more efficient and accurately whilst helping to close the ‘tax gap’

What’s new?

  • Employer Alignment Submission – This is a one off process to provide HMRC with a snapshot of who is or has been employed by your company in the current tax year. HMRC will use this data to match, align and correct records held for your employees in their systems.
  • Full Payment Submissions (FPS) - Employers and Pensions Providers Need to tell HMRC about Tax, National Insurance contributions and other deductions on or before pay day. Also included in the FPS will be starter and leaver information.
  • Employer Payment Submission (EPS) – This is to report figures to HMRC that were not included in the FPS but will affect the amount paid such as SMP, SSP, CIS Deductions suffered and NIC Holidays
  • Universal Credits – You must tell HMRC how many hours each week each employee normally works for the introduction of Universal Credits.
  • Casual Workers - You need to include the details of all employees you pay, including those who earn below the NICs Lower Earnings Limit (LEL), for example students.

So what can you do to ensure that you have a payroll system that supports your staff and meets your employer responsibilities?

WE CAN ACT AS YOUR PAYROLL DEPARTMENT so you do not have the pressure and worry of:

  • Calculating individual payslips (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) via e-mail or paper copies

  • Calculating statutory sick pay, statutory maternity pay and deducting student loan repayments

  • Keeping full payroll records and dealing with coding notice changes advised by HMRC

  • Calculating the monthly income tax and national insurance liabilities due to HMRC

  • Completion of FPS and EPS submissions as required by Real Time Information

  • Calculating and submitting forms P60 and PIID (returns of expenses & benefits) for relevant employees

  • We can liaise with HMRC during the initial phase of a routine PAYE visit. We can liaise with HMRC during the initial phase of a routine PAYE visit.

Obtain an instant quote now to discover how little it costs to relieve that anxiety and have a very important function of your business effectively dealt with.