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Privacy Policy

The E-conomic platform is held on Fujitsu's high-security facilities in two different physical locations - meaning that if one location faces any issues, the other location can take over straight away, causing little or no impact for our users.

At E-conomic, we use advanced, industry-recognized security measures to ensure that your financial data will be kept private and protected at all times. For instance: firewall-protected servers, a password-protected login system and 128-bit SSL encryption technology – the same technology that is used by top financial institutions around the globe.

Your data is backed up every 15 minutes - that's 96 times a day! - and later store it in another physical site.. It is also backed up at the accountingservicesonline.net offices in Reading on a monthly basis. This means that with E-conomic, automatic offsite storage is enabled without the need for you to generate and handle physical backups by yourself

If your hardware is ever damaged, all of your data in the E-conomic system will still be safe - you only need a computer that is connected to the Internet to access it.

We value security as much as you do

Privacy is an integral part of everything we do here. Privacy isn't an afterthought or corporate rhetoric – it is how we conduct our business every single day. That is why at E-conomic we follow a strict set of guidelines in order to keep all of your private information safe. Of course, this means that we will never sell, rent or share your private information with third parties without your consent.

Available when you need it - anytime, anywhere

With E-conomic you are guaranteed 99.9% availability, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as part of our agreement with Fujitsu. We make this possible by having redundant facilities and servers in place at all times. This ensures that if one location or server somehow becomes unavailable, your E-conomic service experience will be minimally affected or, most often, not at all.

Furthermore, we constantly expand our server park in order to keep up with customer growth, which makes it possible for our system to always be ready to handle the increasing number of users.

Documented security

At E-conomic, we prioritize the security of your data, and we have the documents to prove it.
E-conomic and Fujitsu both comply with the IT management and security policies in revision standard RS 3411, meaning that our actions adhere to best practices in the industry.