Copyright © 1995-2009 Their responses were as follows: When asked whether they needed additional, skills to teach learners with special needs, 91.3%, answered in the affirmative, while only 6.8%. The benefits of inclusive education are numerous for // -->, [Home] [Up] At the same, time, only 6.0% of the respondents were of the, opinion that the physical framework of their schools, was responsive to the needs of learners with physical, adjust the school environment to the needs of, learners with special needs. Dissertation on Inclusive Education in rural contexts, Addressing Multicultural needs in schools guidance and counselling, Eric Shyman, Beyond Equality in the American Classroom: The Case for Inclusive Education, MENTAL HEALTH OF ADULTS WITH INTELLECTUAL DISABILITIES. Namibian subjects' syllabi are based on the International General Certificate of Secondary Education which is part of Cambridge International. // -->