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Unlimited Support

Accountingservicesonline.net is the Internet Division of The Wiggin Partnership LLP. In this context as professional accountants we can provide all the accountancy, taxation and financial services that you require to run your business. If you have any query at any time in connection with the financial aspects of operating your business please liaise with the client manager assigned to you.

For the online services your client manager is your main point of contact and will facilitate the provision of all the services you have opted to receive from us. Contact with your client manager is a necessary part of providing an effective service.

We encourage telephone contact as this has proved the most effective way of dealing with any queries and enabling you to receive your reports promptly. We provide you with a mobile contact for your client manager.


At the commencement of your contract the person you delegate to handle the processing of data through this service will be trained by us in all the operations necessary to accurately record the accounting transactions of your business and to access the reports necessary to assist you in managing and monitoring your business performance.

The cost of training is a fixed cost and the provision of training time is unlimited for the first year.

Ongoing support

The client manager assigned to you will assist you on an ongoing basis with any questions you have in operating the system.

Data processing

Some clients require us to handle the processing of all accounting data via the online system and we can do this but this will be an additional service and chargeable to you separately as and when this service is required.

There are instances where specific reconciliations of banking, customer or supplier accounts are required perhaps because of pressure on resources at your location and we can provide additional support to deal with these situations. This would be classified as an additional service and chargeable separately when this is required.

The provision of additional data processing resources is not a common occurrence for us but is available should you have the necessity to require it. The option is flexible.